Thursday, December 10, 2009

Project #6 Holiday organizer

Sorry I've been MIA for  a few days...and I was on such a roll!  lol     This is the Holiday organizer I made last year for myself and  my daughters, all of my sisters, my mom, and a friend.  They were a big hit and they actually USED them! The supplies are simple- just a regular manilla file folder, with each side scored in half. The middle score is already there. Fold on the score lines accordion style, so you will actually fold the score lines you made toward the center fold.  You then score along the whole folder 3 3/4" from the bottom and fold this up.  this will form your pockets.  On the inner front cover I decorated and then stapled in a pile of shopping list sheets with lines that you can tear off and take with you.  The gift list pages have 4 names per page, and include spots for Name, Size, Ideas, and a box to check when that person is completed. Under these sheets is a pocket for coupons, made by the folded up bottom of the file.  Next page is the Christmas card list, and the last page is a pocket for receipts. you can keep your receipts in one place to keep track of spending. I again used pretty paper and stickers to decorate. I put adhesive between the back folds (along the "spine" to keep it from flopping all the way open.) I also ran ribbon from about an inch in under the front and back covers so i could tie the folders shut.  This is an inexpensive project and makes a nice gift for yourself or friends and family. I handed mine out last year at Thanksgiving dinner, but you could tuck one in a gift for the recipient to use next year. Have fun with these (no pilfering office supplies- that wouldn't be right) Merry Christmas!

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